Have We Forgotten The Real Meaning of Christmas

Have We Forgotten The Real Meaning of Christmas
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Caroline_Bourke]Caroline Bourke

Christmas is usually the time which we spend with our family, friends and loved ones. As some songs go, it is the season to be jolly and to be full of good cheer. The holiday season has so many icons and symbols that these can fill up and entire Christmas tree as ornaments and decorations. Some people literally cover their homes and surrounding with lights and decorations to celebrate the holidays.

Due to the immense marketing and advertising during the season, the true meaning of Christmas is often lost. People nowadays equate the holidays as a time of gift giving and receiving. Although this is not a bad thing, it is also a very materialistic point of view which is magnified by the recurrent advertising that shows the holidays as a time when the tree is full of presents and people are happy to receive boxes left, right and center.

The meaning of Christmas is actually how a person understands the season. Some people who only understand that the holidays is a time in which one spends money to buy gifts will always be stuck in this rut for as long as he believes in it. For those who view Christmas as an exclusively Christian celebration and does not celebrate it, then he would have missed the true meaning of Christmas as well.

Season of Love

Christmas is actually a representation of the love we universally feel for mankind. Christians have always believed that it is a celebration of the birth of Christ and the renewal of our belief in God and Christianity. However, the love we have for our fellow man is not an exclusive Christian trait and can be felt by many other religions and cultures. It just so happens that the season is widely celebrated by Christians that it is believed to be for Christians only. In actuality, Christmas can belong to anyone as long as we express our love for our loved ones and show them that we care for them.

Even if this holiday is generally celebrated by Christians, it is symbolized by many other cultures beliefs and we will be united for as long as we realize that Christmas is a gift given to us by our ancestors to celebrate life and happiness. It should be taken as it is and no malice or prejudice should stain the purity of the season.

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