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Your Drive and Inspiration Must Come From Within

All enduring and sustainable inspiration must come from within each individual. That is why it so important for leaders to empower their team members and to support them to have a vision for the future of their own. As it … Continue reading

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Tick Borne West Nile Virus

Most people know that mosquitoes are carriers of the West Nile Virus, but many of us are unaware that ticks are also important contributors. Tick borne West Nile Virus is a serious cause for concern in North America. While mosquitoes … Continue reading

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Mountain Lions – The Beauty, The Danger

Every year mountain lions are spotted in many great outdoors locations throughout the country. Although it is not uncommon to have a mountain lion sighting in the country, it is somewhat alarming when they are spotted in highly trafficked areas, … Continue reading

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Yummy Old Fashion Cookies That Are Great for Lunchboxes and After School Treats

You just can’t beat a good homemade cookie slipped into a lunchbox. And what kid doesn’t love a good homemade cookie with a glass of milk as an after school treat. These old fashion cookie recipes have stood the test … Continue reading

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The Need for Renovation

Renovation is not just a business, but it is also art. It is the process by which a structure, commercial or residential, is improved upon or restored to its original elegant state. Such improvement is not only about betterment, but … Continue reading

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