Bullies-Part 2

Bullies – How Children Can Deal With Them Part 2
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=David_WB_Turner]David WB Turner

Security + Safety:

If you are bullied you need to be careful and look after your self. Bullies will usually wait until you are alone, because this is the easiest time to bully.

o Never go into quiet toilet areas alone
o Don’t go to quiet areas of the school with no one else around, or people that you don’t know.
o Never walk through parks, bush, quiet lane way.
o Don’t walk to and from school with your music headphones on.
o Never go into a someone’s house that your parents have not approved.
o Don’t hang around school very early in the morning, afternoons, or on weekends.

Always be aware of your surroundings

o Never walk home or to school alone, always try to have a buddy system and walk with someone you know.


If you have a bully who will not stop despite all your efforts, you can ask your teacher or parent to arrange a meeting with the bully and their parents.

Communication is very important

This will bring all the problems that you are having with the bully to the surface, and could be the best way to solve the problem. If this has been done, and you are still being bullied, then tell your teacher and parents again and let them know what is going on. When you have the meeting, try and remember all the details of the bullying, when, where, and how.

You need to be as accurate as possible so that all the facts can be taken into account for your well-being. The problem needs to be fixed, and you must let people know.

Cyber Bullies

Bullies may send you mean, nasty and threatening messages. They may post sensitive and private information about you or another person. They may pretend to be someone else to get your attention.

They can do this using:

o E-mail
o Instant messaging
o Chat rooms
o Web pages
o Blogs
o Texting using mobile phones
o Photos using mobile phones
o Video using mobile phones

If you have any of these things happen to you, then tell your parents or teacher straight away. Leave the message/photos etc on your device so that the person you tell can see it. Also, try to identify who it may be. Never respond to this type of bullying. If someone has been talked about, or they are on the picture or video, then let them know, and also let your parents and teachers know.

Always report Cyber Bullying

Helping other Children with Bullies

If you know of someone who is being bullied tell someone about it. You can tell your teachers, parents, and friends. The person being bullied may not have the courage to tell someone and confront the bully. You can help by observing and reporting what has happened. Never join in with bullies. You are better than that, and it may feel like you are being pressured into helping a bully. But don’t. Let someone know that a bully is trying to encourage you to act like them, and who they are bullying.

Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to you and your friends. You need to stick together so that you are strong.

Great job now let’s see if you can answer these!

Your parents can see if your are correct

1. Who can be a bully?

2. What should you do if you are bullied?

3. What are some ways that you can be bullied?

4. Should you tell someone if you people who are being bullied?

5. Should you hang around in lonely quiet areas like closed schools?

6. Is being bullied your fault?

7. Who can you ask help from?

8. Why is it good to tell someone?

9. Should you ignore the bully?

10. Should you go to the toilets alone?

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Bullies—How-Children-Can-Deal-With-Them-Part-2&id=3619892] Bullies – How Children Can Deal With Them Part 2

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