Uses For Lazy Susans

Kitchen organization can be a little easier when there are kitchen accessories like a lazy Susan around. With a lazy Susan, the corner cabinet can be utilized with ease. But the corner cabinet is not the only place that a Lazy Susan can be used in.

Uses for Lazy Susans
By []Kristen L McIntyre

Kitchen organization can be a little easier when there are kitchen accessories around. With an organizational accessory, any cabinet can be utilized with ease. But the corner cabinet is not the only place that a Lazy Susan can be used.

As part of the kitchen storage system, small lazy Susans can be a help as a spice rack. Most lazy Susans spin, allowing access to the least common spices, but there is a tip to this little trick: They can get just as cluttered as any area of the kitchen. To keep clutter down, clear the spice rack once a month of old spices. Spices loose their strength after 6 months to about a year. So a recipe that calls for 1 teaspoon on thyme, may need 2 teaspoons of the stuff after 6 months, and may actually be harmful if not used or thrown out within that time period. Exercise on the side of caution and buy what is needed. Small lazy Susans can also be a place where baking items, such as sprinkles, cupcake holders, and tubes of icing are stored. This turns the area into a baking center. Keep cake pans, muffin tins, and molds nearby for easy access to the oven.

Tip: for the corner cabinet, store baking food items on the top tier of the lazy Susan, and the pans on the bottom, if they can fit. If you have a large enough cabinet you may also sneak some rarely used items into the corners of the cabinet but take caution because a hard spin will tip items over the edge and catch on items stored on the sides.

Can kitchen storage. In the corner cabinet, lazy Susans can help organize can goods. This is extremely helpful if there is no kitchen pantry available. Half-round styles fit into many cabinets too so they are not limited to the corners.

Craft storage. Even though lazy Susans are used for mostly kitchen storage, this kitchen accessory can be used in a craft room to hold an assortment of craft items. Again, this storage idea is for easy access to supplies, as well as for storage.

Entertainment center: another name for a lazy Susan is a turntable, and they are often used to rotate the television set. Many families are using the television as a way to entertain while cooking and during dinnertime. Computer monitors, and laptops also use this same system. Just be careful not to have any electronic equipment near the sink or the cooking area, because that can ruin the system. The best place for these entertainment centers are in kitchens that next to a family or great room in an open area.

Finally, use lazy Susans with a shelving unit in either a kitchen pantry or one that is out in the open. Again, this is for easy access of the items, and allows flexibility in the kitchen pantry. Most kitchen pantries are large enough to hold both the shelving unit and allows the spinner accessory to sit on the top shelf.

To recap, lazy Susans do allows storage in the corner cabinet. One (not too) quick turn allows the owner to see what it is the cabinet without taking everything out of the cabinet. There are many uses for this kitchen accessory, it is hard to pick just one use.

Kristen L McIntyre is the owner and operator of which she created to assist people with improving the functionality of their existing kitchen cabinets as an option of complete cabinet replacement.
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