5 Doors To Success

5 Doors To Success
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Brian_Azar]Brian Azar

The five motivational doors to success in the future are:

Energy. Many people are on “overwhelm” today. Some of Brian’s colleagues have told him they’re somewhere between “tired and re-tired.” To have success, you must have energy! Part of maximizing your energy is to eliminate negative energy, shift it to positive. This is especially true in business on the net.

Put on your success costume and take a deep breath – you’re in for a roller coaster ride for the next two years.

Physiology. Not just how you take care of your body, but how you carry your self and what your body language conveys comes across on the phone. If you spend at least an hour a day on the phone, you must have a headset that will allow you to hold your head up, be flexible and spontaneous. Body shifting. Give yourself a physical cue – put on a costume, a hat, or take out a picture – something that you use to cue and start your day with and to step out of at the end of the day.

Attitude! Do you know anyone who hasn’t gone through major changes in their personal life? Brian was blessed with a new family, and moved from his familiar home in New York to a new area in the Southern U.S. Along the way, he experienced a good deal of gratitude and gratefulness. Attitude is so important to succeeding. If you’re not doing what you love, not finding the things you love to do that make you wake up in the morning and feel good, then you are already in trouble and it is going to get tougher.

Brian remembers that his great grandfather was always happy and always smiling. As a small child, he asked why. His grandfather replied, “Every day when I wake up, I stretch my hands out, palms up and as long as I don’t feel cloth or wood, I feel good.”

Belief systems. Unfortunately, today we have a lot of belief systems that are not true, healthy or appropriate. Your belief systems should include a positive approach to work: there are no failures, only feedback; and that you have a purpose to your activities – to help others. If you have a higher purpose to what you want to accomplish with your business, if you have specific goals, plans and action sets, you’ll have a belief system that works to support your efforts.

Create a statement of your purpose, keep one copy near the phone and carry another copy with you.

Behavior. How do you behave in business? In the community? How do you take care or yourself? Do you give yourself credit? How do you work for the betterment of others?

The key to success is not the number of sales or the amount of revenue, but how good a resource person you become for others. To get to these doors, you’ll need to use the keys – Five things that motivate and inspire people:

It’s NOT the money. People want to be recognized or acknowledged positively. As a nation, we are downsizing, cutting back, laying off workers, and the remaining workers are being forced to pick up the job responsibilities of the group pushed out, with no increase in income or control. Many people constantly say recognition and positive acknowledgment from staff, clients, vendors, and, yes, even your family on a regular basis is critical.

People want a participating role. They want to experience a part of being a decision-maker. Let your staff and even clients have input in decision-making situations. The Sales Doctor does not believe leadership is good today. The best leaders are those who lead by example. Autocratic, authoritarian people do not lead. Those who are resources for those around them, who give away their power, who allow others to have input around them, are the true leaders.

True winners want to collaborate. This is especially true of successful winning sales people and entrepreneurial people. These winners don’t want to compete and beat each other into the ground. When Brian was at Xerox, once he started winning the salesman of the month prize – he was ridiculed and sabotaged. This is not an unusual situation. No one feels good if they don’t win. When the Sales Doctor goes to companies that still have those awards for top salesperson of the month, this is our first target. The best one isn’t the one who needs the recognition. The team approach that collaborates is what works best.

People want to be trained and educated, and not just technically. People want to learn about communication, technology and financial development. In-house training in matters professional and personal builds morale, loyalty and results in a more positive, more productive workforce.

Taking responsibility for growth. Gen Xers are already doing this, and the Boomer generation needs to learn from them. We’ve got to have flexibility, responsibility and accountability for our own growth, education and self-improvement. However you can help people grow and help them become stronger individuals, you will inspire and lead them.

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?5-Doors-To-Success&id=9257251] 5 Doors To Success

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