How to Buy a Designer Bag With a Shoulder Strap

There are some times when a woman needs the hands-free convenience that a shoulder bag can provide. Here are a few helpful tips for women who want to find the perfect shoulder bag to meet their needs for practicality and fashion at the same time

How to Buy a Designer Bag With a Shoulder Strap
By []Jewell Eleanor

There’s no doubt that a designer bag is a necessary accessory for most women. Handbags and clutches are both stylish and long time favorites of women around the world. Fortunately, designer bags come in different styles and shoulder bags are one of them. For some women it can be difficult to choose just the right one.

Ease of Access

A designer handbag is usually opened using both hands and is sometimes sat down on a flat surface for ease of access. But the shoulder bag is often left hanging on the shoulder while a woman reaches into it on the go. A bag should close securely but still be easy to open. If the closure is a zipper, then it should glide smoothly with just one hand without having to use the other hand to keep the bag steady. Some shoulder bags close using snap straps which loop across the bag and make it easy to just flip open. But sometimes having a magnetic closure can be better. Some bags have Velcro closures or snaps that close in the middle. Using a shoulder bag that is open is also an option, but this type of closure poses a security risk which may be unacceptable to the woman.

Compartments for Organizing Contents

One of the advantages of the designer handbag is the stylish outside. But one of the features that is necessary for today’s on-the-go woman is what’s inside. Sometimes shoulder bags are somewhat larger than other types of bags and the contents can move around a lot especially when a woman is bending over or leaning to one side. A bag that has interior and exterior compartments can help keep everything in its place. Compartments can help when it comes to finding what is needed.

High Quality Strap

Another advantage of a designer bag is the high quality. When carrying a purse on the shoulder it is important to have a strap that is of high quality. Some designer bags have adjustable straps so that it can be lengthened or shortened depending on the present need. Shoulder straps should be wide enough to be comfortable. A real narrow strap can cut into the shoulder especially if there are too many items in the bag. It is desirable to have just enough cushion to keep the bag from digging into the shoulder, but small enough to give comfort if it is being carried for any length of time.

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